A song about death comes alive: UPDATE – This song just made the finalist list in the NEW MEXICO MUSIC AWARDS – Best song, Americana.

Posted: January 20, 2016

Leonard Cohen once described his song Here It Is as a happy little ditty about death, or words to that effect. And those words describe my song The Old Machine perfectly. Few songs have been written about dying from an atheist, or shall we say non-Christian point of view. And while I did not deliberately set out to do this, it seems that’s how this song ended up. It is a quest, perhaps aimed at myself not anyone else, for acceptance of the inevitable. However dark you may find the verses I think the whole enterprise is salvaged by the last line: Know through all eternity no one but you was you. This is true. As Shakespeare said we all get to be “a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage” and is heard no more. But that does not mean we had no impact while we were here. We are all unique. And what we do with our lives is up to us.

Thanks to Jacy Oliver (production, mixing, mastering, electric guitar and bass) Peter Farrell (keyboards) Ben Durfee (drums) and Deborah Domanski (backing vocals). I did lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar and lap steel guitar.

This song was left off my last album The Story Of It All for reasons I forget.  I’m glad it got it’s moment.

THE OLD MACHINE ©2015 Dave Tutin /openDmusic

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