An overheard conversation…

Posted: May 10, 2012

Man 1: So… Obama's making gay marriage legal.

Man 2: Yeah…that's just wrong. Two men?

Man 1: Well, he can't win the election now.

The tone of this conversation was such that you'd have thought Obama was making gay marriage compulsory for all men rather than living up to one of the "self evident" truths listed in the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal." We've long forgiven the Founders for using the masculine to mean all people but it seems some of us still think gays are less than equal – or should be.

I remember, years ago, witnessing the most excruciatingly boring procession I've ever seen in a German town, the name of which I erased from memory. Why was it so bad? It was dozens of marching bands playing the exact same melody over and over, which was bad enough, but the whole procession took three steps forward and then two back (or was it four forward, three back? Aaahhh!). It took a lifetime for the whole thing to pass by. And I was trapped in a doorway, forced to watch the entire monotonous farce.

Sometimes I feel like America is that procession. We seem to make progress but then, oh don't forget, we have to take two steps back! Actually, in the case of the new wave of ultra-right wing Republicans, it's more like two steps forward and three back. This conversation just prompted me to make another small donation to Obama's re-election campaign. Please do the same here.