Posted: September 26, 2014

I’m his fan – and everybody knows. But how is the new Leonard Cohen album Popular Problems? It goes without saying for some of us that anything Mr Cohen does is going to be up there in the top 1% of all the music being produced right now. It will have more thought, more depth, […]

Wrote a song the other day…

Posted: September 19, 2014

Looking forward to replacing my drum machine with live stuff by Ben Durfee and adding bass by Sam Bevan. They are the guys helping me put together my album after next…yes, I’m ahead of myself as usual. Next album should be ready soon…called THE STORY OF IT ALL. My producer/guitarist Jacy Oliver is adding finishing […]


Posted: September 4, 2014

Religion, that’s what. The unbelievable violence that ISIS dishes out in the name of its god is inhuman. But maybe the key to defeating these slaughterers is to use their god against them. I grew up in a period when the IRA was very active. I saw for myself the aftermath of two London bombings…the […]

Here’s Hoping Washington is NOT united

Posted: August 24, 2014

  Am I the only one who finds it sadly ironic to be receiving emails from the Democrats saying, Congress will soon vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United…donate now!? I truly hope they can get the money out of politics but the zeal with which those on the left and in the […]


Posted: August 10, 2014

  Right now America is headed in a terrible direction despite the efforts of our president and many enlightened liberals. The problem, simply put, is that the wealthy do not realize they are standing on the shoulders of the rest of us.

Daily Kos is wrong about Ted Nugent

Posted: August 2, 2014

I’ll make this crystal clear: I dislike Ted Nugent and everything he stands for. But…when I got an email from Daily Kos this morning asking me to sign a petition requesting the venues included in Mr Nugent’s upcoming tour to cancel his performances I was somewhat shocked. Daily Kos claims to be the largest “progressive […]

Last night’s rain

Posted: July 31, 2014

  Click to enlarge. ©2014 Dave Tutin


Posted: July 30, 2014

With the mounting insanity in the world…with John Boehner behaving like a spoiled child, suing the president of the United States for the first time in history for doing what every president in history has done before him…with the ever-widening gap between the so-called corporate leaders and those who actually do the work…this song, it […]

Cool guitars for sale

Posted: July 22, 2014

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Words of Wisdom

Posted: July 21, 2014


Posted: July 11, 2014

If you omit the O, aren’t you left with what life used to be?

More on Facebook…

Posted: July 10, 2014

It’s very interesting how things happen. You have a thought or you figure something out and then you realize that, naturally, many other people are learning the same thing at precisely the same moment. During my entire experience with Facebook (detailed in a post below) I could not understand why so few of my “friends” […]

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