The absolute height of arrogance – courtesy of ExxonMobil

Posted: June 27, 2012

No need to worry!

1. Climate change is real but we’ll simply adapt.

2. We don’t understand what ExxonMobil does because we are “illiterate” in science and math.

3. All the bad press about the oil companies is simply because the press is “lazy.”

Yes, the CEO of ExxonMobil actually said all those things! Here’s the report in full. Forgive my language but the fucking arrogance of the man. At least I now understand why his company is running ads saying we need to invest in teachers and “solve this” – the poor performance of this country in math and science. He’s just afraid we’ll run out of people willing to sell their souls to the oil and gas industry. Self-serving bullshit from the same company that supports Republicans at the state level who continue to cut spending on education and those same teachers ExxonMobil – out of the other side of its corporate mouth – says we should invest in. I guess they mean we should shift resources away the arts and other non-business related learning just so they have a steady supply of scientists. What a bunch of hypocrites!

This man – Rex Tillerson – just single-handedly confirmed every worst suspicion we had about his company. And, whether he meant to or not, confirmed our worst suspicions of American business in general. Corporate leaders today are guilty of drinking the Kool-Aid on a frightening scale. No matter what happens, no matter how irrefutable the evidence against them, no matter that at any moment they could choose to do the right thing (and still make healthy profits) the answer is always the same:

It’s our fault. We don’t get it. We don’t understand. We are the “illiterate” public.

Fuck you Mr Tillerson. I’d suggest you should lose your job over this speech but that would be pointless – you have a thousand clones already trained to take your place and perpetuate your mind-bogglingly unintelligent, arrogant, dangerous, short-sighted, money-obsessed, screw-the-future point of view.

So, after all the stupid denials ExxonMobil now agrees that climate change is real. But we needn’t concern our puny brains with it, Rex Tillerson has told us what we have to do. Adapt. It’s that simple. Why were we ever concerned? The sea rises enough to drown New York City…just move New York City. Of course!

The only good news in this is that the Republicans may now have to adopt this stance as their own – can’t argue with the Oil Masters after all. And it’s far easier to argue for specific action in the face of unspecified adaptation than it is to counter the total denial or the “god won’t let it happen” crap that has been their stance up to this point.

Climate change “is an engineering problem and there will be an engineering solution” says Tillerson. The fact that this man heads up one of the richest, most powerful corporations on earth scares the living shit out of me!

The fact that his company would pay any amount to see Romney elected while spending just enough money to appear to be doing good by encouraging investment in science and math teachers is an impossibly conflicted position.

The fact that companies like ExxonMobil perpetuate the bullshit of American “energy independence” while knowing full well that oil – including American oil – is sold on the global market and that nothing would be worse for their business than American self-sufficiency is one of the great lies of the 21st Century. Tillerson even acknowledges this but again blames our “illiteracy” in these matters. While juggling with the difference in meaning between “energy independence” and “energy security.” Oh very literate Mt Tillerson!

We are slowly – painfully slowly – dealing with banks that are “too big to fail.” When will we deal with these oil companies who are “too big to govern”?