The Republican Party should be ashamed. But of course it isn’t.

Posted: June 19, 2012

I have said many times that I actually feel sorry for old style Republicans – which includes some of my friends – because they have been abandoned by their own party. The frightening lurch to the right that the current Republican party represents puts at risk everything this country represents and has fought for over the last 100 years. Republicans hide behind words like freedom. But the only freedom they offer is the freedom to do what the old white guy tells you to do. They are owned by Wall Street. They believe money trumps intelligence every time (Trump himself being the comical proof). They want a return to the 1950s – with women back in the kitchen, blacks in the back of the bus and unorganized labor working for peanuts and thankful to even have a job.

If you are a woman you cannot possibly vote Republican.

If you are Hispanic you cannot possibly vote Republican.

If you are African American you cannot possibly vote Republican.

If you are a union member you cannot possibly vote Republican.

If you are out of work you cannot possibly vote Republican (They’ll focus on profit not jobs – that’s their only measure for the economy.)

If you are a college student you cannot possibly vote Republican.

If you are a young person looking for a job and you lack the Greed Gene required to work on Wall Street you cannot possibly vote Republican.

If you consider yourself a caring human being who wants to see all Americans do well you cannot possibly vote Republican.

Yet we read every day how close a fight the presidential election will be. How is this possible? Only a few short years ago Mitt Romney would have been considered a no-hope presidential candidate (in fact he ran and failed) but by changing his position on pretty much every issue, especially the social ones, he is now a serious contender. Beyond belief.

Here in my own state of New Mexico we were just told that this November we will lose the ability to vote the party line. We have always been able to tick one box and vote for every Democrat or Republican on the ballot. But no, not any more. Our Republican Governor – doing her part to follow her party’s goal of making it harder and harder for minorities or less-informed voters to vote – decided we must tick a box for every individual position being voted on. Why? What possible message can that send that is not negative to the Republicans? They are not even trying to be subtle any more. If you find yourself on that list above the Republicans don’t want you to vote. And let me add one more to that list:

If you understand the true meaning of freedom you cannot possibly vote Republican.

Obama may not be perfect, who is? But the alternative this time around is unthinkable. A man who lies for a living even more than the average politician. Mitt ‘I make no stands’ Romney. He’ll bring back the policies that caused our financial crisis under Bush (remember Obama inherited it, he had no hand in causing it. Even the bail-out started under Bush). He’ll give Wall Street even more freedom to make obscene amounts of money while the American working class becomes a thing of the past. He’ll destroy the social safety net creating a country that does not care for its less privileged. And along the way he’ll probably start a war with Iran – because, trained by Bush and Cheney, the current Republican party loves war. Lots of money to be made and a populace kept under control through fear. Whoever would have thought that this country would struggle with a choice between this man and President Obama? We have until November to wake up.