A new (protest) song…

Posted: December 4, 2011

Definition: If you know something in your heart of hearts, you are certain of it although you might not want to admit it.

It's not often that my views on politics spill over into my songwriting. I think I actually make a conscious effort to stop it doing so. The days of the protest song seem to be long over after all. 

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that not one of the current Republicans contesting their party's nomination for President is even marginally deserving of that title. Truly a bunch of clowns that anyone with a modicum of intelligence should see as such. I have to believe that long-time followers of the Republican Party are just gritting their teeth, willing to vote for whomever ends up on top when time runs out, simply because they cannot adjust their thinking enough to see that a war is being fought between compassion and greed in this country. That they need to accept their party has been hijacked and fooled. And now represent something quite different to only a decade ago.

I love the phrase "in your heart of hearts" but have never used it in a song until now. It directly addresses what we "know" to be right, even when all the forces in our lives gang up to make us believe otherwise.



See the man

He’s up there lying

This is how

The ending starts

You know he did

What they say he did

Somewhere in your heart of hearts


Take your luck

And be grateful for it

Be the man

Of many parts

You know you want

To help your brother

Somewhere in your heart of hearts


Deep inside

Something tells you

You don’t win if others lose

Trust your judgment

It’s not weakness

Walk a mile in another’s shoes


Left or right

Is not the issue

Rich and poor

Are counterparts

We know that we

Are joined in sorrow

Somewhere in our heart of hearts

© 2011 Dave Tutin / openDmusic