A recent Facebook post of mine…

Posted: January 30, 2020

Seriously…is it just me? I despair sometimes at how difficult basic communication has become. We live in a world that revolves around the written word more than ever before. But when those words are in the form of texts or emails (a dying form that has morphed into something closer to texts) the quality of actual communication is dreadful. If we are going to rely on the written word then people need to read. Not glance at the first phrase and assume they know what follows. Try this test for yourself. Send a friend an email with three questions in it. You will almost certainly only get an answer to the first question. Banging off text messages may seem like a swift, modern way to communicate but in reality it makes real communication harder not easier. After a downward spiral of text messages I insisted on a phone call (remember those?) and within seconds all confusion was cleared up. What a refreshing thing – a conversation. A seamless, fluid flow of questions and answers. Tone of voice making it clear when someone is joking or being serious. No need for emojis – they are replaced by simple words like thank you and please. The laughter is real not 😂.

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