About the songs: #1 The Empty Hours.

Posted: July 12, 2020

If I said this was a song about committing suicide I doubt people would flock to listen to it. So I won’t say that. Not exactly. What I will say is this. I was sitting in a hotel room in Barcelona having just visited one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite tapas bars. I was thinking about how someone as seemingly successful, if slightly troubled, as him could choose to take that way out. That led to thinking about others who have taken the same path. I reached the conclusion that these people must decide that despite having people who loved them, or depended on them, life was empty. Too empty of something they needed to carry on. Not success, not money, not fame…many suicides have all of these. No, empty of something else.

I had the hook line already…”We find ourselves here, in the (something) hours.” I had started this song many months earlier but it only took shape, made sense, in that room near the Cathedral thinking about Tony when “something” became “empty.”. I did not want to write a song “about” suicide, so it became more about the precursors…the darkness stealing the light, life moving too fast, the often transient nature of love. All the things that, in my life too, have led to an emptiness – albeit one I have managed in ways far short of ending it all. Maybe the answer is, as the song says, “The human heart gives up its powers” – or recognizes that it has no power to begin with. We have life and we have luck. The rest we deal with as we go along.

I like this song. It’s a little dark without being too depressing. I hope. On a personal level I simply enjoy the amazing playing of Tom Hampton on lap steel guitar and Sam Bevan on bass. Two talented gentlemen.

The Empty Hours ©2020 Dave Tutin / openDmusic