All in a good cause, I hope.

Posted: January 20, 2019

I am not sure if it is a direct consequence of age or more a subtle shift associated with the changed points of view that age enables. Either way, I have been actively decluttering my life for some time now. Today I parted company with boxfuls of books that at one time I would have described as treasured possessions. Books signed by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, George Martin, Ronnie Wood, Bob Gruen, John Irving, Raymond Carver and more. The truth is the money will go into the account and it will then flow out of the account. And that will be that. But I do not mind seeing these “things” pass into the hands of other collectors who will care for them as well as I have. As things, they will outlive us all. And I realize now that they were never truly mine in the first place. I was custodian for a matter of years and now I am released of that responsibility. It is a frequent experience, for me, that I fully understand my own writing long after I write it. Today I found myself humming a verse from a song I wrote some time ago and only recently got around to recording …”Through open fingers sand slips away/What is truly ours nobody can say/The desert takes it all back one day/You’re left looking at life.”