Another New York loss.

Posted: December 12, 2018

Some of my happiest times were on stage at The Cornelia Street Cafe. After rebooting my musical life after a 25 year pause I performed at The Bitter End on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village, New York, supported by my dear friend Craig Snyder and encouraged by my other dear friend Peter Farrell whose band and wife were both on the bill that night. Having overcome the fear of performing live after all those years I got involved with The Songwriter’s Beat, a monthly singer-songwriter showcase organized by fellow songwriter Valerie Ghent downstairs at The Cornelia Street Cafe. I loved the venue so much it was where I had my going away party when I left New York for New Mexico – somewhere around 2008 I think. It was also where for one night only I was supported on stage by the amazingly talented Craig Snyder on electric guitar and bass player extraordinaire Mark Egan. It was a special evening for many reasons, not least because it would be the last time my mother would hear me perform. This place holds a special place in my heart and it’s sad to hear of it closing.