Eric Weissberg

Posted: March 24, 2020

You may have known him, as millions did, from the tune Dueling Banjos featured in the movie Deliverance. Or you may remember him and his band Deliverance being associated with Bob Dylan’s masterpiece Blood On The Tracks.

Sad news today of the passing of Eric Weissberg at age 80.

My connection to Eric was a little closer than most. He played on my 2006 album Raised In Vain. As well as a great banjo and guitar player, Eric was a master of the pedal steel guitar. His reaction to this song when he first heard it was to say he loved the tune but wasn’t sure he could pull off the kind of instrumental breaks we wanted over mainly minor chords.

That initial reservation did not prevent him from turning in a stunning performance (with the help and guidance of producer Craig Snyder).

Here, written at a time of the Bush presidency (similar in many ways to what we are experiencing now) is America…with Eric Weissberg.

America ©2005 Dave Tutin / openDmusic