Kind words from back home for ‘Beneath a Flagless Moon’

Posted: February 24, 2012

A review of my new album – beneath a flagless moon – will appear next week on Their blog version has already appeared. Leicester, for those of you who don't know, is the next big city south of my home town of Nottingham, England (Sorry Loughborough, I don't think of you as big). It's nice to know there is interest in my music back home. Here's part of what the review says…

"His new record is an ambitious 18-track collection. The production has purposely been left sparse, though the sound is crisp and forthright. The lack of distractions leads us directly to Tutin’s songs and voice. Both bear up to scrutiny. He’s a storyteller at heart, but never forgets the importance of a tune. He understands hooks and their importance in building familiarity, and he frames the personal in a way that sounds universal. His voice is melodic and rich, and the best tool for the job. Favourites, at the moment, include City of Ghosts, with its almost Leonard Cohen-esque density, his love song to his new home on Santa Fe and the beguiling Waiting for My Heart. "

Beguiling? I'll take it.

Oh, and they offer one other interesting observation…

"Tutin’s an old school singer-songwriter, very much in the American roots tradition; if names like John Prine, Steve Forbert and Jim Ford come to mind, then you’re not far off the mark. That’s not to say he’s acquired a fresh new American accent, but he’s lost much of his Midlands’ lilt – his accent’s almost neutral. "

I must admit I never thought of it as a "Midlands' lilt" but too late now, I've obviously lost whatever it was!

And as for "old school" that's a badge I wear with pride. 

Thanks Leicester Bangs. You do indeed.


Available at and 18 songs for $16. The living that enabled me to write the songs cost a lot more than that!