The Momentary Truce

Dave’s most recent collection of poetry, The Momentary Truce continues his exploration of our complex emotions and the personal relationships of all kinds that they both create and destroy. Caution: some graphic sexual language. Hardcover. $10

Or Words To That Effect

ippy_goldmedalA collection of Dave’s highly personal poetry, this book won a gold medal in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards, A signed, limited edition of 200. Paperback. $10 (Was sold out but a few copies just surfaced).

Dave Tutin songs: volume one

This softcover 8.5 x 11 book contains the sheet music for all 18 original songs featured on Raised In Vain/Afterthought. It also has all the pieces originally written by Dave for his blog, that explain the personal motivations and inspirations that led to the songs being written. A signed, limited edition of 200. $10

The Culture of Now


Dave’s first work of non-fiction, this book examines the true impact of technology, not just on the way we live but on who we are. It looks at how radical change is already taking place in the areas of education, entertainment, politics and even sex. $10