New music and writings. Available today!

Posted: June 8, 2020

Thanks to delays for various reasons combining with time for writing created by the pandemic lockdown, today sees the simultaneous launch of my new album and three new books!

My new album – LOOKING AT LIFE – is available now on CD, 180 gram vinyl (in a gatefold sleeve)  and as downloads (from this site and from 27 other digital download services). It contains nine songs and one instrumental and features the talents of some great musicians. Contributors to the album include Waddy Wachtel, Mark Egan, Craig Snyder, Sam Bevan, Peter Farrell, Tom Hampton, Patrick Lefebrve, Billy Masters, Blake Padilla, Todd Parrott, Jane Deaux and Andy Korn who also shares co-production credit with me. The cover image is by my dear, departed friend and world-class photographer Jake Wallis.

Now for the three books.

LOOKING AT LIFE (The Collected Lyrics) – This is an 8 x 11 large format book containing every lyric I have ever written that I considered good enough to publish. It has the lyrics to all the songs on my albums plus some I have yet to record and some early efforts that predate my 2005 return to music after a 25 year gap.. This is available in extremely small numbers (fewer than 20 copies) and is available only as a bundle with the new album in CD or vinyl format. This will appear as a purchase option in the drop down menu on the album page. Each copy is numbered and signed.

OF WHICH WE HAVE SPOKEN. This is my third collection of poems. If you liked the first two, you’ll like this. What more can I say?

IN THEM DAYS. Something new for me – short stories. I began writing this book ten years ago and then, as often happens with me, it got pushed aside by music. The pandemic lockdown gave me the time I needed to finish it. The stories are all from my childhood and youth growing up in Nottingham, England. They range from a life-changing event when I was four years old up to when I left Nottingham for London when I was 29. Plenty of stories from later in life, if I return to the format, but I wanted this collection to have a very fixed focus.

As usual, both the poetry and short stories carry a warning about strong sexual language. And anything can be signed on request.

I hope you will consider adding some or all of these to your collection. It has never been harder for musicians and writers to generate an income and your contributions will go directly into producing the next work. Thank you!

You can listen to the new album on this site – go to the albums page. Or courtesy of HearNow you can listen at

The music is on Spotify, Apple Music and anywhere you are likely to listen to or purchase music.

In the coming days I will be posting here about individual songs, giving some background and explaining the motivation behind the writing.