Same as every year…waiting

Posted: February 9, 2012

I have never figured it out, I guess. Just learned to accept it. But no matter what is going right in my life I find the period from January to my birthday in March extremely depressing. It's like I lose a few months out of every year. I thought the least I could do was write about it. Maybe this is a poem, maybe the beginnings of a song. As usual I have no idea. But at least it exists.



It comes around like clockwork

Faster every time

A steeper fall each passing year

Each year a steeper climb

It’s January falling

Right on time again

My heart is filled with apathy

Or breaking now and then


I await my April rising

Wishing days away

I await my April rising

When I’ll have more to say

When the cloud of sadness dissipates

And life comes out to play

I await my April rising



By day


By day


© 2012 Dave Tutin