So many versions…

Posted: October 30, 2019

Every songwriter probably has one. That song they feel they never captured in a recording that matches what they hear in their heads. This is mine. I have recorded this song many times with arrangements stretching all the way from solo acoustic to full band plus strings. I always loved the song but never felt happy with the recordings. The song is very special to me – I wrote it for a friend when her daughter died in a horrible, early morning car crash. As usual it’s impossible to say that’s what the song is about, it’s more a bunch of feelings and words that the situation provoked in me.

Going through a slew of different versions in my iTunes library I stumbled on this one. It uses the basic elements that were used in the version that was released as a digital single a few years ago but with a new mix by yours truly and a new vocal. I’d forgotten it existed. It’s probably still far from perfect – I’d change some elements in the mix but I no longer have access to the master Pro Tools session. But it comes closer to what I wanted the song to feel like, so I thought I’d share it here.

This is The Dreams Of Men (DT mix/New vocal)

┬ęDave Tutin/openDmusic