Stripped down…

Posted: July 3, 2021

Writing and performing songs is one thing but producing them is a whole other art form. It is always difficult in the studio to find exactly what a song wants to be. It is very easy to add too many instruments, or leave something too naked when it needed a few more items of clothing.

I have always thought that these were some of my better lyrics. (Well, I should say they were lyrics I was happy with – all the judging should be left to the listener!) I just felt they captured the concept the way I intended…describing the lack of any middle ground in our lives these days.

That said, the studio version that ended up on the album JanuaryRising was never my favorite. I wrote it when the album was already ‘finished’ and rushed to add it to the track list. I liked it well enough but when I stumbled across this stripped down version I liked it more. I do not know why this simple acoustic version was ever mastered. Maybe I was undecided even back then. But luckily it was, so it is CD quality.

This is Middle Ground the way it was, perhaps, meant to be. The minimalist approach certainly throws emphasis on the lyrics. So I hope they stand up.

Middle Ground © Dave Tutin / openDmusic