The calm before the storm?

Posted: April 29, 2019

Could be.

Yesterday I learned that my dear friend and musical genius Rob Eaton is starting work on mixing and mastering my next album, Looking At Life.

Yesterday I also completed the laborious task of doing layouts for a book of the same title that will be published at the same time as the album’s release. It will contain pretty much all the lyrics I’ve ever written that I am happy to see published. It occurred to me that all I’ve been doing all these years is looking at life and so it seemed the right time to bring all these stories and word pictures together in one place.

At the same time I am committed to finishing my next collection of poems, to be called Of Which We Have Spoken. It’s been in the works for quite some time. A few of the poems were featured as far back as my album JanuaryRising which contained a little poetry booklet as well as the lyric booklet. It may follow close on the heels of the new album. But who knows? Poetry is a fickle mistress.

The cover image for both the book and the album (which will be available as both CD and vinyl record) is by my other dear friend Jake Wallis. I had no idea that when he gave me permission to use his wonderful photograph he would not be around to see it. Thanks Jake. Wherever you are.

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