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A recent thought…

Posted: February 5, 2021

A new poem.

Posted: January 28, 2021

The old piano.

Posted: December 10, 2020

From the book under construction

Posted: November 20, 2020

34. It’s too late when we die To admit we don’t see eye to eye   – Mike + The Mechanics s Life it seems will always find a way to humble you defeat you or clothe you with regret ​ Today I learned a most painful lesson ​ When you discover someone died with […]

November 7, 2020

Posted: November 7, 2020

Sometimes the WISHING GROUND delivers. A song that, when you dig below the surface, is about optimism. ©2020 Dave Tutin / openDmusic

More poems

Posted: October 27, 2020

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Many people think writing is something certain people choose to do. Believe me, it is not a choice. At times it’s like your head fills with words and the only relief is to write them down…be […]

I wrote that…

Posted: October 24, 2020

I guess it’s bound to happen when you’ve been listening to songs as long as I have. A line jumped into my head and I could not for the life of me remember where I’d heard it. Then I realized I had not just heard it, I’d written it. It was in this song from […]

A new lyric

Posted: October 17, 2020

YESTERDAY’S EYES There’s a story to be told Of dark and dust But the story keeps on changing As all stories must History we know is part truth and part lies And I’m seeing it all Through yesterday’s eyes There’s a hero growing old With nowhere to go No battles to fight No bravery to […]

A new poem.

Posted: September 5, 2020

AN AMERICAN POEM   There is no Superman Crusader against crime Swooping down to save you Just in the nick of time   There is no Superman No hero made of steel Our fantasies are frail Our loneliness is real   There is no Superman In his bight red cape No one to stop the […]

Honored to be “Member of the week” at

Posted: September 5, 2020

Into the light…

Posted: August 26, 2020

Okay, I know I should be ruthlessly promoting my new album, Looking at Life, but hearing Joe Biden’s uplifting speech recently I couldn’t help but be reminded of this song I wrote back in 2012. Called Harvesting Light (from the album Beneath a Flagless Moon) it has to be one of the most positive lyrics […]

More? Yes. Sorry.

Posted: August 21, 2020

I have just completed a new book of poetry. No, not that new book, a new new book. I know Of Which We Have Spoken has only been available for a short time but the global pandemic gave me not only the time but also the inclination to write. The result is RIGHTING: The Pandemic […]

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