Craig Rodgers…what can I say?

Posted: February 20, 2012

I learned today of the death of a very, very dear friend of mine. Craig Rodgers was one of the first people in the film production world of Los Angeles to take me under his wing when I joined the crazy world of New York advertising agencies back in 1988. He was one of those people who give you faith in yourself. In every other way it is, and always was, imposssible to capture this man in words. Let's just say he lived life…he never settled for merely passing through. I am very sad to know my friend is gone…but happy beyond words that I knew him. I am sad to know I will never again experience walking into a crowded restaurant and having Craig bellow from the far side of the room, "Daaaave!!" – and having everyone in the place look up to see who had just entered. "It's only me," I'd think to myself. But for Craig, that's all I needed to be. Just me. He made that feel special. And he did it for everyone he knew. I hope he knew that the whole time we were always in no doubt whatsoever that he was the special one.