Crawling Blues

I put my faith in Jesus
For a minute or two
I was told he walked on water but he never came through
So I put my faith in his father
And the stories of old
Then I saw his disciples chasing fame and gold

Ah we all get there
We all get there some day
But sometimes it feels like you’re crawling all the way

I put my faith in the devil
We met at the crossroads one night
But I couldn’t read his offer I needed a little more light
So I put my faith in a woman
My best wasn’t good enough
Seems she met the devil too and they fell in love

I put my faith in a bottle
Put my faith in alcohol
I remember I saw all the answers but I can’t recall
So I put my faith in the future
And the sound of distant drums
But I wasted all my time ‘cause tomorrow never comes

So I put my faith in nothing
Nothing left for me to do
But now I know for certain nothing is true

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