Diamonds In The Dirt

For Leonard Cohen

The man can’t sleep so he walks the night
with visions in his head
He’s tasted all the life there is
Had angels in his bed
It doesn’t matter what he did
All that he achieved
His burden will be lifted soon
And he will be relieved
You can’t escape the spiral down
You can’t explain the hurt
No matter what we say or do
we’re diamonds in the dirt
The man of words his soul on fire
had just one road to take
Pushed himself to think much higher
knowing how much was at stake
Now he walks a true straight line
No fork in his path
He trades the road less traveled
for life’s ironic laugh
He will be remembered well
His name will be enshrined
On one too many monuments
Built by those inclined
to think he had the answers
when questions were his trade
To think he had a purpose
for every move he made
The man proclaims he always knew
the ocean was his sister
Once he climbed a mountain
but discovered that he missed her
Their story has come down through time
with many ancient names
He knew one day his Viking heart
would sail away in flames