Journey To Your Heart

Somewhere back in England that’s where I left it all
So many crude rehearsals of my final fall
But when it came it wasn’t the expected fall from grace
I simply fell in love with an unexpected face
I had no way of knowing back there at the start
The journey I was taking was a journey to your heart

Everything and everybody I saw as something I
Had to stand and fight without ever asking why
I guess it was my nature I was born with a grudge
I was pushing back at history but history would not budge
I could not understand even pain had its part
Pushing me so slowly on my journey to your heart

Time is beyond knowing there is no master plan
There is just the distance from the woman to the man
The miles that must be covered the space that must be filled
The bonds that must be broken the fear that must be killed
Many times I wondered if you my counterpart
Knew that I was taking my journey to your heart

You can see the mind still working you can hear the heart reload
As we walk hand in hand along this smoky road
I am doing things that I never thought I’d do
Things I’d not imagined ’cause I’d not imagined you
The blues are packed and ready waiting to depart
They’re wishing me good luck on my journey to your heart

Now every stolen summer I watch your skin turn brown
Every winter fall and spring fate can send around
I wonder how I found you in this spinning world of grief
I feel like a fake I feel like a thief
When you throw me to the wind like a paper dart
Content to never finish my journey to your heart