One Day At A Time

Ain’t looking forward - ain’t looking back
Don’t know who I am - I lost track
I got lost in the sea of souls
In this charade I played many roles

I know the sky ain’t falling
I know it’s not a crime
To live your life one day at a time

Ain’t asking questions - ain’t asking for
Your forgiveness on the killing floor
I trust my dreams to get me through
The days and nights of missing you

From London town to Tokyo
There I am wherever I go
People smiling - knives in backs
The future falling through the cracks

So call my name - I may turn around
Or just ignore that distant sound
In a world of pain there is no end
Last thing I need is another friend

From New Orleans to the Jersey Shore
Everybody asking - There must be more
More to life than what they see
They may be right but don’t ask me

So now it’s time to close the door
On all we said - and all we saw
It don’t matter what I do now
It’s all just pieces of a broken vow