The 12th Bar Blues

I got the 12th bar blues
Ah they’re pounding in my head
I’m feeling like tomorrow I may wake up dead

Her name was Margarita
Hair as black as night
If she came to you no man alive would put up a fight

There's a cowboy in the corner
Fast asleep beneath his hat
He may be a famous actor who found fame ain't where it's at

The jukebox looks quite ancient
But it's singing it ain't broke
Every title on it sounds like the punchline of a joke

There's a couple at a table
She's begging him to go
She has to get him out of here before he's crippled down below

There’s a woman I remember
But I don’t recall where from
By the way she looks at me I guess I broke my rule of thumb

Now the ceiling's changing places
Changing places with the floor
For the hundredth time tonight I say I ain't doing this no more

These places have no mirrors
That’s so we can't see the scars
We're drowning in the gutter but we're...we’re looking at the stars

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