The Old Machine

You don’t need me to tell you
The eyes are growing dim
It’s time to meet your maker
If you still believe in him

They say do not go gentle
Refuse to hang your hat
But the best is all behind you
So what’s the point of that

Death is not the end
Some would have you think
But you’re not coming back here
So raise your glass and drink

Drink to the golden times
The not so good, the bad
Drink to all your enemies
And all the friends you had

Drink to all the lovers
Who shared their bodies well
The briefest taste of heaven in
Our daily stint in hell

You don’t need me to tell you
The lights are going out
No matter what you’ve heard it’s best
To go with a sigh not a shout

My friend I know you know
The end is close at hand
We always know it’s coming
But we never have it planned

The old machine is failing
It’s what it’s meant to do
But know through all eternity
No one but you was you