More? Yes. Sorry.

Posted: August 21, 2020

I have just completed a new book of poetry. No, not that new book, a new new book. I know Of Which We Have Spoken has only been available for a short time but the global pandemic gave me not only the time but also the inclination to write. The result is RIGHTING: The Pandemic Poems. They are not about the pandemic, although it shows up occasionally. They are really the result of spending more time alone in my head.

Understanding that people may not be lining up for a fourth volume of my poetry and that poetry itself is not on top of people’s wish lists these days, I am planning a different approach.

As soon as we can add it to this website, I will offer RIGHTING for free, with any other purchase from the site. CD, vinyl album or another book, they all qualify. Whatever you buy, a free copy of RIGHTING will come along with it. And the 20% donation to World Central Kitchen is still active.

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