Somewhere in your heart of hearts…

Posted: January 11, 2012


I wrote this song in just a few minutes after hearing that most of the Occupy camps are now things of the past. And my good friend Doug Biro (Hudson River Films) immediately offered the help of one of his talented editors, Josh Schwartz, to put together this video of newsreel footage.

It really does not matter that the camps themselves are disappearing – although the way some of them were closed makes you question a lot of the bullshit talked in this country about freedom!

No, it does not matter because their job is done. The conversation in this country has been changed. The notion of whether the country should be run for the 99% or the 1% will resonate throughout this year…up to the election in November.

I am not anti-Republican. I am anti-unelectable Republican candidates and their propoganda masters at Fox and other Murdoch owned abominations. How such people and such organizations can claim to understand freedom better than the rest of us is beyond any reason.

This is my tribute to the people who changed the conversation…who made a stand…and who will not be forgotten. 

The camps may be going away but the 99%ers….the Blue Liners, as Ed Schultz calls them, refering to his all-important graph that shows the comparison of income growth between the rich (red line) and the average worker (blue line)…have made a difference. They should be proud. And I am proud of them.

The graph Ed likes to use (from Mother Jones):


Please spread the video if you agree with me…or if you like my song. See it on YouTube. Embed it on your own blog…or just email a link to all your friends. I'd appreciate it…and so would all those men and women who are standing up to the perverted goals of the corporations and their paid pundits and political candidates. I claim no copyright in this song – it is my donation to the cause.

Government of the people by the people for the people. It was a good idea then and it's the only idea now that will save this country.


If you'd like a copy of the song, here it is (CD quality, so be patient):