Middle Ground

It’s where we used to stand
It’s where we used to meet
It shaped the conversation
on every corner of every street
It’s where the low were lifted
The mighty were brought down
It said we’re all the same
In rags or evening gown
Look in the darkest shadows
Search the world around
You’ll find that it’s not hiding
It’s gone and can’t be found
Thanks to all our foolishness
there is no middle ground
It’s where the heart found comfort
It’s where the fears were calmed
Where traitors were exposed
And lunatics disarmed
It’s where the proud were doubted
Where the humble got to speak
It’s where the strong were challenged
to give strength to the weak
It’s where your brother rested
It’s where your sister rose
Where no upper hand was lifted
in a dominating pose
It’s where heaven listened
to the needs of men
Where god had many names
and the sword bowed to the pen
It’s where the lonely found
what they were looking for
It’s where a gentle push
opened any door
It’s where anger was defeated
Where compassion took its place
Where no one was judged
by their age or sex or race
It’s where the old revealed
all that they had learned
No knowledge was abandoned
No book was ever burned
It’s where the past and future
came to an accord
It’s where no man was servant
It’s where no man was Lord
It’s where no man was servant
It’s where no man was Lord